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'Claudi Arimany is, in my opinion, one of greatest flautists of his generation. He is one of those virtuosi who place technique,sonority and phrase colouring at the service of musicality and sensitivity, something not within the grasp of many.'
Jean-Pierre Rampal, agost 99.

'Claudi Arimany posseeix un so bellíssim i una resplendent personalitat com a intèrpret. Va tocar a la Boston Simphony Hall amb autèntica passió i grandesa'
The Boston Globe - USARichard Dyer, febrer 99

He is a jury member for the 'J.P.Rampal International Flute Competition' held in Paris, in adition to many other international competitions.
He has made numerous recordings for labels such as Sony Classical, Novalis, Delos Int.,some of which have been awarded prizes.
Considered by Jean -Pierre Rampal as one of the finest flautists of his generation, they shared platforms around the world and .he inherited a style of interpreting and understanding the art of music.
Claudi Arimany uses for his concerts the emblematic W.S Haynes gold flute that belonged to J.P. Rampal.